I love my orthotics, they got rid of my shin splints in less than a week. I always wear them.

- Holly W.

Cottage Grove 

 Before I started wearing these orthotics my feet hurt every morning. I stand on concrete all day and now my feet feel normal again.

- Tim H.


I have worn these orthotics for many years. They have helped me with sciatica, plantar fasciitis, bad knees and balance.  They made me orthotics that I could wear in the water, in tennis shoes and dress shoes. They have helped to improve my quality of life. 

- Pam W.

St. Paul

I've had the good fortune of being the recipient of these orthotics. I have suffered with bone spurs and plantar fasciitis on and off for years. Since starting to wear these orthotics, I have no pain. Nor have  I had any sprained ankles because of the stability given by these orthotics. I also need to mention that my knee and hip pain is also gone. My life is much better. Thanks for all your help.

- Bill P.


Running, walking, working, playing and just being your active self can result in stubborn and sometimes chronic foot pain. Most people can't keep off their feet until an injury heals. Custom orthotics allow for a more speedy recovery.

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Affordable Custom Foot Orthotics 

Standing on your feet all day can cause problems like plantar fasciitis. You may notice pain in the morning and during the course of the day.

I've been wearing these orthotics for years and they have really helped me with my job as a basketball official. I definitely recommend them.

- John L.

 St. Paul

I have different size feet and different leg lengths. I stand/walk most of my work day. I was experiencing pain/fatigue prior to my new custom shoe inserts. Wearing these inserts totally relieved my issues, additionally the inserts helped  to correct some toe twisting I had started to develop with a cheap pair of work boots. I have tried other inserts-nothing has worked until I have had these orthotics made specific to the contours of my feet. Charles took the time to get to know my specific issues and worked to tweak the inserts to my specific needs. I highly recommend his services! Worth every penny .

-Tony W.

Inver Grove Heights




Correcting foot problems from injury, wear and tear from aging or genetic challenges can greatly increase your mobility and give you the ability to accomplish your important daily tasks.

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